2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Average Vehicle Speed (2)
Timer (3)
Fuel economy
The average  vehicle speed  is cal-     •  The timer  is  the total  driving time
culated  by   the  total  driving   dis-        since the last timer reset.
tance  and  driving  time  since  the
last average vehicle speed reset.
To reset  the timer,  press  the [OK]
button  on  the  steering  wheel  for
more than 1 second when the timer
is displayed.
To reset the average vehicle speed,
press the [OK] button on the  steer-
ing wheel  for more  than 1  second
when the average vehicle  speed is
i   Information
The timer will continue to be counted
while  the  engine  is  still  running  (for
example, when the vehicle is in traffic
or stopped at a stop light.)
i   Information
The average vehicle speed is not dis-
played,   when   the   vehicle   drives
shorter than 0.19 miles (300 meters)
or less than 10 seconds after turning
ON the Engine Start/Stop button.
Range/Total Range (1)
• Range (hybrid)
The range  is the estimated distance
the  vehicle  can  be  driven with  the
remaining fuel in the fuel tank.
The average vehicle speed will con-
tinue to be calculated and will start
to decrease if the vehicle is stopped
while the engine is still running (for
example, when the vehicle is in traf-
fic or stopped at a stop light.)
If  the  estimated  distance  is  below
display “---” as the range.
mi. (1  km),  the trip  computer  will
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