2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Non-operating condition
The BSD indicator on the outer side
view mirror may not illuminate
properly when:
The warning light on the outer
System (BSD) and  Rear Cross
Traffic  Alert (RCTA)  are not  a
substitute for  proper and safe
driving practices. Always drive
safely  and  use caution  when
changing lanes  or backing up
your  vehicle.  The  Blind  Spot
Detection  System  (BSD)  may
not detect  every object along-
side the vehicle.
side  view   mirror  will  illumi-
nate  whenever   a   vehicle  is
detected  at  the  rear  side  by
the system.
The outer side  view mirror housing
is damaged
- The  mirror   is  covered   with  dirt,
snow, or debris
- The  window  is  covered  with  dirt,
snow, or debris
To  avoid   accidents,   do  not
focus only on the warning light
and  neglect  to   see  the  sur-
rounding of the vehicle.
Drive  safely  even though  the
vehicle   is  equipped   with   a
Blind  Spot  Detection  System
(BSD)  and  Rear Cross  Traffic
Alert (RCTA). Do not solely rely
on the  system but check your
surrounding  before  changing
lanes  or  backing  the  vehicle
The window is tinted
The system may  not work prop-
erly when  the bumper has  been
damaged, or  if the  rear bumper
has been replaced or repaired.
•  The sensing range differs some-
what  according to  the  width of
the road. When  the road  is nar-
row,   the   system   may   detect
other vehicles in the next lane.
The system  may not alert  the
driver  in some  conditions so
always  check your  surround-
ings while driving.
The system  may turn off  due to
strong electromagnetic waves.
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