2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Engine Oil Pressure
Warning Light
In  this   case,  have   your  vehicle     Low Fuel Level
inspected     by     an     authorized
Warning Light
HYUNDAI dealer.
This warning light illuminates:
This warning light illuminates:
When the fuel tank is nearly  empty.
Add fuel as soon as possible.
When   the  Engine   Oil   Pressure
Warning   Light  illuminates,   turn
OFF  the   engine,  and  check  the
engine  oil level,  in an  attempt  to
prevent  severe   engine   damage.
These should be done as  soon as
it  is safe  to  do  so. When  the  oil
level is  low, add the  engine oil  to
the   proper  level   and   start   the
engine again.When the  light stays
ON,  while   running   the   engine,
immediately turn OFF the engine.
When the Engine Start/Stop button
is in the ON position.
It remains  on  until the  engine is
When the engine oil pressure is low.
Driving with  the Low Fuel  Level
warning light on or  with the fuel
level   below  "E   (Empty)"   may
cause the  engine to misfire  and
damage the catalytic converter.
When the engine oil pressure is low,
follow the below procedures:
drive to  the nearest safe
location and stop your vehicle.
•  Driving the  vehicle in  EV  mode
after fuel  runs out  may damage
the hybrid battery.
OFF  the  engine  and  check
the  engine   oil   level  (For   more
information, refer to the “Engine
Oil” in the  chapter 7). If the  level
is low, add engine oil.
In  this   case,  have  your   vehicle
HYUNDAI dealer.
When  the   warning  light  remains
ON  after   adding  engine   oil  and
restarting   the   engine,   or   when
engine  oil  refilling  is   unavailable,
turn  OFF  the engine.  These  indi-
cate a  mechanical problem,  which
needs to be repaired before driving.
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