2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Features of your vehicle
Satellite radio reception
You  may   experience  difficulties   in
receiving XMsatellite radio signals
in the following situations.
•  If  you are  driving  on  a  mountain
road where is the signal blocked by
i   Information
There may also be additional unfore-
seen  circumstances  leading  to  recep-
tion problems with the XM™ satellite
radio signal.
If you are driving in an area with tall
trees  that block  the  signal  (30 ft.
or more),  for example on  an
Advisory   Messages,    such   as   ‘CH
Unavailable’ may occur when starting
XM™ Radio.
road that goes through a dense for-
If you  are driving  in a  tunnel or  a
covered parking area.
If you  are driving  beneath the  top
level of a multi-level freeway.
The  signal  can  become  weak  in
some  areas that  are  not  covered
by the XM™ repeater network.
If you are driving under a  bridge.
If you are driving next to a tall vehicle
(such as a truck or a bus) that blocks
the signal.
If you are driving  in a valley where
the   surrounding   hills   or   peaks
block the signal from the satellite.
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