2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Sunglass Holder
Multi box
Do  not   keep  objects  except
sunglasses   inside   the  sun-
glass holder. Such objects can
be  thrown from  the holder  in
the event of  a sudden stop  or
an accident,  possibly injuring
the passengers in the vehicle.
Do   not  open   the   sunglass
holder   while  the   vehicle   is
moving. The  rear view  mirror
of the  vehicle can be  blocked
by an open sunglass holder.
Do  not  attempt  to force  sun-
glasses into the sunglass hold-
er.  If  the  sunglasses become
jammed and you  try to open it
forcibly,  personal   injury  may
To open:
To  open the  cover, press  the  cover
and it  will slowly  open. To close  the
cover,  press  the   cover  and  it   will
slowly close.
For  the  safety   of  the  passengers,
when the  cover is  closed, the cover
locks if the vehicle shakes by sudden
acceleration and braking.
Press  the cover  and the  holder  will
slowly open.  Place your  sunglasses
in  the  compartment   door  with  the
lenses facing out.
To close:
Push back into position.
Make  sure  the  sunglass   holder  is
closed while driving.
To unlock the  cover, press the cover
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