2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Variable EQ
SDVC (Speed Dependent
Volume Control)
Touch Screen Beep
Press the  SETUP   key  Select [Sound]
Select [Touch Screen Beep]
This is a premium sound system fea-
ture  in  which  the  acoustical  mode     Press the
key  Select [Sound]
can be selected according to musical
Select [Speed Dependent Vol.]
Select [Variable EQ]     Set menu
TUNE knob
Innocente(Normal) : Natural sound,
sound optimized for driver.
Forza(Dynamic)  : Powerful  sound
emphasizing bass, stereo sound.
Concerto(Concert)  : Sound similar
to a concert or live  hall
May   differ    depending    on   the
selected audio.
This feature is used to turn the touch
The volume  level is  controlled auto-     screen beep on/off.
matically  according   to  the   vehicle
speed. SDVC can be set by selecting
Blue Link Voice Volume
Press the  SETUP   key  Select [Sound]
Select [Blue Link Voice Vol.]
from On / Off.
Voice Recognition Volume
Press the  SETUP   key  Select [Sound]
Select [Voice Recognition Vol.]
Turn the
TUNE knob to adjust  the
Blue Link Voice Volume.
Turn the
TUNE knob to adjust  the
Blue  Link®  may differ  depending
on the selected audio.
Voice Recognition volume.
Product Specification
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