2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Caring for disc
•  Depending  on   the  type   of  CD-     Using a  cellular phone or a two-
R/CD-RW  CDs, certain  CDs  may     way radio
If the temperature inside the car is too
high, open the car windows to venti-
late before using the system.
not operate  normally according  to
When a cellular phone is  used inside
the  manufacturing  companies.  In
the  vehicle, noise  may be  produced
such   circumstances,     continued
from the audio system. This does not
use  may   cause  malfunctions   to
mean  that something  is  wrong  with
your audio system.
It   is   illegal    to   copy   and   use
MP3/WMA files without permission.
Use CDs  that  are created  only by
lawful means.
the audio equipment. In such a  case,
try  to operate  mobile devices  as far
i   Information - Playing an
Incompatible Copy Protected
Audio CD
from the audio equipment as possible.
Do not  apply volatile agents,  such
as  benzene  and   thinner,  normal
cleaners   and    magnetic   sprays
made for analogue disc onto CDs.
Some  copy  protected  CDs,  which  do
not comply with    international audio
CD  standards  (Red  Book),  may  not
play  on  your  car audio.  Please  note
that inabilities to properly play a copy
protected  CD  may  indicate  that  the
CD is defective, not the CD player.
When  using   a  communication
system such as a  cellular phone
or a radio set inside the vehicle, a
separate  external  antenna must
be fitted. When  a cellular  phone
or  a  radio  set is  used  with  an
internal  antenna   alone,  it  may
interfere with the vehicle's electri-
cal  system and  adversely affect
safe operation of the vehicle.
To  prevent  the  disc  surface from
getting damaged, hold  CDs by the
edges or the center hole only.
Clean the disc surface with a piece
of soft cloth  before playback (wipe
it  from  the  center  to  the  outside
Do not damage the disc surface or
attach   pieces  of   sticky  tape   or
Make certain  only CDs are  insert-
ed into the CD player (Do not insert
more than one CD at a time).
Keep CDs in their cases after use to
protect them from scratches or dirt.
Do  not   use  a   cellular  phone
while  driving.   Stop  at   a  safe
location to use a cellular phone.
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