2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
To increase Smart Cruise
Control set speed
To decrease the Smart Cruise
Control set speed
Push   the   toggle   switch   down
and  release   it   at  the
desired  speed.   The  Set   Speed
and  Vehicle-to-Vehicle   Distance
on the LCD display will illuminate.
Release   the  accelerator   pedal.
The  desired speed  will automati-
cally be maintained.
Follow either of these procedures:
•  Push the toggle switch up (RES+),     •  Push the toggle switch down (SET-),
Follow either of these procedures:
and hold it. Your vehicle  set speed
will increase  by 5  mph (10  km/h).
Release  the  toggle  switch  at the
speed you want.
Push the toggle switch up  (RES+),     • Push the toggle switch down (SET-),
and  release   it  immediately.   The        and  release   it  immediately.  The
cruising speed will increase  by 1.0        cruising speed will  decrease by 1.0
mph  (1.0   km/h)   each  time   you        mph (1.0 km/h) each time you move
move  the toggle  switch up  in  this        the toggle switch down in this  man-
manner.                                                  ner.
and hold  it. Your vehicle  set speed
will decrease  by 5  mph (10  km/h).
Release  the  toggle  switch   at  the
speed you want.
If there is a vehicle in front of you, the
speed may decrease to maintain the
distance to the vehicle ahead.
On  a steep  grade,  the vehicle  may
slow down or speed up slightly while
going uphill or downhill.
You can set the  speed to 110 mph     •  You can  set the  speed to  20 mph
(30 km/h).
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