2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Why Didn’t My Air Bag Go Off
in a Collision?
Air bag collision sensors
Place  the   ignition  switch  in
the  LOCK/OFF  or  ACC  posi-
tion when the vehicle is being
towed  to prevent  inadvertent
air bag deployment.
Air bags are not designed to inflate in
every   collision.  There   are  certain
types of accidents in which the air bag
would  not   be  expected  to   provide
additional  protection.  These  include
rear  impacts,  second  or  third  colli-
sions in multiple impact accidents, as
well as  low speed  impacts. Damage
to  the  vehicle   indicates  a  collision
energy absorption, and is not an indi-
cator  of  whether  or not  an  air  bag
should have inflated.
To reduce the  risk of an air bag
deploying    unexpectedly    and
causing serious injury or death:
Have all air bag repairs conduct-
ed  by an  authorized HYUNDAI
Do not hit  or allow any objects
to impact the locations where air
bags or sensors are installed.
Do  not  perform maintenance
on or around  the air bag  sen-
sors. If the location or angle of
the sensors  is altered, the  air
bags  may  deploy  when  they
should not or  may not deploy
when they should.
Do not  install bumper guards
or replace  the bumper  with a
non-genuine  HYUNDAI  parts.
This may  adversely affect the
collision  and air  bag  deploy-
ment performance.
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