2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

For  maximum  windshield defrost-
ing,  set   the  temperature   control
knob  to  the  highest   temperature
setting and the  fan control knob to
the highest  fan speed.   Select the
front defrost  button on the  climate
control  display.   After  the  engine
warm-up  period, warm  air  will  be
directed to the front windshield.
If  the  engine temperature  is  still
cold  after   starting,  then  a   brief
engine  warm  up  period   may  be
required for the  vented air flow to
become warm or hot.
Windshield heating
Do not use the
tion during cooling operation in
extremely  humid  weather.  The
difference between  the temper-
ature of the outside air and  that
of  the  windshield could  cause
the  outer  surface of  the  wind-
shield to fog up, causing loss of
visibility  could  cause  an  acci-
dent resulting  in serious  injury
or  death.  In this  case,  set  the
mode selection  knob or  button
•  If  warm air  to  the  floor  is desired
while defrosting or defogging, set the
mode to the floor-defrost position.
Before driving,  clear all  snow and
ice from  the  windshield, rear  win-
dow, outside rear view mirrors, and
all side windows.
Clear  all  snow  and  ice   from  the
hood and air inlet in the cowl grill to
improve  heater  and defroster  effi-
ciency and to reduce the probability
of fogging up the inside of the wind-
to   the
position   and   fan
speed control knob or button to
a lower speed.
To  reduce  tendency  of  the  glass
fogging and also to improve visibil-
ity, keep the  interior surface of  the
windshield clean by wiping it with a
clean cloth and glass cleaner.
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