2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Closing the fuel filler door
To install  the fuel tank  cap, turn it
clockwise until it “clicks” one time.
Do  not   use  cellular  phones
while  refueling.  Electric  cur-
rent and/or electronic interfer-
ence from cellular phones can
potentially  ignite  fuel  vapors
and cause a fire.
Static   electricity    discharge
from the  container can  ignite
fuel vapors causing a fire.
Once   refueling   has   begun,
contact   between   your   bare
hand  and the  vehicle  should
be maintained  until the  filling
is complete.
Close the  fuel filler  door until it  is
latched securely.
Do not get  back into a  vehicle
once  you  have  begun  refuel-
ing. You can  generate a  build-
up of static electricity by touch-
ing, rubbing or  sliding against
any  item or  fabric  capable  of
producing   static    electricity.
Static electricity discharge can
ignite  fuel   vapors  causing  a
fire.  If  you  must  re-enter  the
vehicle, you should once again
eliminate  potentially   danger-
ous static electricity discharge
by touching a metal part of the
vehicle, away from the fuel filler
neck, nozzle  or other gasoline
source, with your bare hand.
Gasoline   is  highly   flammable
and explosive. Failure  to follow
these  guidelines may  result  in
Use  only   approved  portable
plastic fuel containers designed
to carry and store gasoline.
Read and  follow  all warnings
posted at the gas station.
When  refueling, always  move
the shift  lever  to the  P (Park)
position, set the parking brake,
and  place   engine  Start/Stop
button  to   the  OFF   position.
Sparks produced  by electrical
components   related   to   the
engine  can ignite  fuel  vapors
causing a fire.
Before   refueling,    note    the
location   of   the   Emergency
Gasoline Shut-Off, if available,
at the gas station.
Before touching  the fuel  noz-
zle, you  should  eliminate the
potential   build-up   of   static
electricity by touching a metal
part of the  vehicle, a safe dis-
tance away from  the fuel filler
neck,   nozzle,   or  other   gas
source, with your bare hand.
•  Do  not   use   matches   or   a
lighter  and  do  not smoke  or
leave  a   lit  cigarette  in   your
vehicle while  at a gas station,
especially during refueling.
When    using    an   approved
portable   fuel   container,   be
sure to place the container on
the ground prior to refueling.
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