2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

"E85" fuel is an alternative  fuel com-     Other fuels
Gasoline containing MMT
prised of  85 percent ethanol and  15
Using fuels such as;
Some   gasoline   contains    harmful
manganese-based    fuel    additives
such as MMT (Methylcyclopentadienyl
Manganese Tricarbonyl).
HYUNDAI does  not recommend  the
use of gasoline containing MMT.
This type  of fuel can  reduce vehicle
performance   and  affect your  emis-
sion control system.
The  malfunction  indicator  lamp  on
the cluster may come on.
percent  gasoline,  and  is   manufac-
tured  exclusively for  use in  Flexible
Fuel Vehicles. “E85”  is not  compati-
Silicone (Si) contained fuel,
Ferrocene (Fe) contained fuel, and
ble  with your  vehicle.  Use of  “E85”     - Other  metallic  additives  contained
may cause damage to the engine  by
plugging,  misfiring,   poor  accelera-
tion, engine stalling, catalyst melting,
abnormal corrosion, life  cycle reduc-
may  result in  poor  engine  perform-
ance  and damage  to your  vehicle’s
engine  and  fuel  system. HYUNDAI
recommends that  customers do  not
use  fuel   with   an  ethanol   content
exceeding 10 percent.
The   Malfunction   Indicator   Lamp
(MIL) may illuminate.
Fuel Additives
To prevent damage to your vehicle’s
engine and fuel system:
HYUNDAI recommends  that you use
good  quality  gasolines   treated  with
detergent additives such as TOP TIER
Detergent  Gasoline, which  help  pre-
vent deposit  formation in  the engine.
These gasolines  will help  the engine
run cleaner and enhance performance
of the  Emission Control  System. For
more   information    on   TOP   TIER
Detergent Gasoline, please  go to the
website (www.toptiergas.com).
Never  use  gasohol  which  con-
tains methanol.
Never  use   gasohol  containing
more than 10% ethanol.
Never use leaded  fuel or leaded
Never use "E85" fuel.
Damage to the fuel system or per-
formance problem  caused  by the
use of these fuels may not be cov-
ered by  your New Vehicle Limited
Warranty does  not cover  damage
to the fuel system or any perform-
ance problems caused  by the use
of "E85" fuel.
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