2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Limitations of the system
- A motorcycle or bicycle is near.
A flat trailer is near.
below  situations,  because  the  sys-     - If  the  vehicle  has   started  at  the
same  time  as the  vehicle  next  to
you and has accelerated.
- When  other vehicles  are  close  to
your vehicle
The  driver must  be  cautious  in the
When the  vehicle  in the  next lane
moves  two  lanes  away  from  you
OR  when   the  vehicle  two   lanes
away moves  to the  next lane  from
tem may not detect other vehicles  or
objects in certain circumstances.
When the other vehicle passes at a
very fast speed.
The vehicle drives on a curved road
or through a tollgate.
When   driving  through   a   narrow
road with many trees or bushes.
- While changing lanes.
The  sensor  is  polluted  with   rain,     - While  going  down  or  up  a  steep
road where the height of the lane is
is located is  covered with a foreign     - When the other vehicle approaches      This device complies with Part 15 of
very close.
snow, mud, etc.
The rear bumper where  the sensor
i   Information
object such  as a bumper  sticker, a
bumper guard, a bike stand, etc.
the FCC rules.
Operation  is  subject  to  the  following
two conditions:
When a trailer or carrier is installed.
When  the temperature  of the  rear
bumper is high.
The  rear  bumper  is  damaged,  or
the  sensor  is  out   of  the  original
default position.
The  vehicle  height  gets  lower  or
higher  due  to  heavy loading  in  a
trunk, abnormal tire pressure, etc.
The   vehicle  drives   in   inclement
weather   such  as   heavy  rain   or
This device may not cause harmful
interference, and
When  the sensors  are blocked  by
the other vehicles, walls or parking-
lot pillars.
When  the   detected   vehicle  also
moves back, as your  vehicle drives
If  there  are  small   objects  in  the
detecting area such  as a shopping
cart or a baby carriage
If there is a low height vehicle such
as a sports car
This device must accept any inter-
ference received, including interfer-
ence   that   may   cause   undesired
There  is  a  fixed  object   near  the
vehicle, such as a guardrail.
A big vehicle is near such  as a bus
or truck.
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