2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

When the  seat belt  is fully  extended
from the retractor to allow the installa-
tion  of  a child  restraint  system,  the
seat belt  operation changes  to allow
the belt  to  retract, but  not to  extend
(Automatic  Locking  Retractor  Type).
Refer to  the “Using a Child  Restraint
System” section in this chapter.
Pre-tensioner seat belt
(Driver and front passenger)
Retractor Pre-tensioner
Your vehicle is  equipped with driver’s
and  front  passenger’s Pre-tensioner
Seat  Belts. The purpose  of  the pre-
tensioner  is  to  make sure  the  seat
belts fit tightly  against the occupant’s
body in  certain frontal collisions. The
pre-tensioner seat belts  may be acti-
vated in crashes where the frontal col-
lision is severe enough.
Although  the  seat   belt  retractor
provides the same level of protec-
tion   for   seated   passengers   in      To release your seat belt:
either   emergency   or  automatic      Press  the  release  button  (1) in  the
locking   modes,   the  emergency      locking buckle.
locking  mode allows  seated  pas-
If the  system senses  excessive ten-
sion  on  the  driver’s  or passenger’s
When it  is  released, the  belt should     seat belt when the pre-tensioner acti-
automatically   draw   back  into   the     vates,  the load limiter inside the  pre-
retractor.  If   this  does  not   happen,     tensioner  will  release  some  of  the
check the belt to be sure it is not twist-   pressure  on the affected seat belt.
When the  vehicle stops suddenly,  or
if the  occupant tries  to lean  forward
too quickly, the seat belt retractor will
lock  into  position.  In  certain frontal
collisions, the  pre-tensioner will acti-
vate and pull the seat belt into tighter
contact against the occupant’s body.
sengers  to  move   freely  in  their
seat  while keeping  some tension
on  the belt.  During a  collision or
sudden  stop,  the  retractor  auto-
matically  locks  the   belt  to  help
restrain your body.
ed, then try again.
To deactivate  the automatic  lock-
ing  mode,   allow  the   unbuckled
seat belt to fully retract.
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