2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Unlocking your vehicle
Opening the trunk
To open the trunk:
i   Information
The  door  handle  button  will  only
operate when the smart key is with-
in  28-40  inches  (0.7~1m)  from  the
outside door handle.
Make sure you have the smart key
in your possession.
2. Press either the trunk handle button
or press and  hold the trunk Unlock
button (3) on the smart key for more
than one second.The hazard warn-
ing lights will blink two times.
Either the driver or front passenger
door  can  be  opened  with  the  door
handle button when the smart key is
within this range.
Once the trunk is opened and then
closed, the trunk will lock automat-
If you press the front passenger out-
side door handle, while carrying the
Smart Key, all doors will unlock.
After unlocking the doors, the doors
will lock automatically after  30 sec-
onds unless a door is opened.
To unlock your vehicle:
i   Information
Make sure you have the smart key
in your possession.
The  trunk   handle  button   will  only
operate when the smart key is within
28 inches (0.7 m) from the trunk han-
Press either the button on the door
handle of  the Door  Unlock button
on the smart  key.  The driver's
door  will  unlock  and  the  hazard
warning lights will blink two times.
If you press the driver door outside
door handle button or Door Unlock
button  on   the  smart   key  again
within  four  seconds,  then all  the
doors will unlock.
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