2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
ESC OFF condition
• State 2
Indicator lights
To cancel ESC operation :
ESC indicator light (blinks)
State 1
ESC OFF indicator light (comes on)
When  the Engine  Start/Stop  button
Press the  ESC OFF button  continu-     is  pressed  to  the  ON position,  the
ously for  more than  3 seconds. The     ESC  indicator light  illuminates, then
ESC  OFF  indicator  light  and  mes-     goes off if the ESC system is operat-
sage   illuminates    and   a  warning      ing normally.
chime sounds.  In this state, both the
The ESC indicator light  blinks when-
Press  the  ESC  OFF button  briefly.     traction    control   function   of   ESC
The  ESC  OFF   indicator  light  and     (engine  management) and the brake
message will illuminate. In this state,     control   function   of   ESC   (braking
the traction  control  function of  ESC     management) are disabled.
ever the ESC is operating.
If ESC  indicator light  stays on,  your
vehicle may have  a malfunction with
the ESC system. When  this warning
light  illuminates,   have  the   vehicle
checked by an authorized  HYUNDAI
dealer as soon as possible.
(engine  management)   is  disabled,
but the brake control function of ESC
(braking management) still operates.
If  the   Engine  Start/Stop  button   is
placed  to   the  OFF  position   when
ESC  is off,  ESC  remains off.  Upon
restarting  the  engine,  the ESC  will
automatically turn on again.
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