2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

ALWAYS set up your mobile devices    Control Your Speed
Keep Your Vehicle in Safe
(i.e., MP3  players,  phones, naviga-
Excessive speed is  a major factor  in
tion units, etc.) when your  vehicle is
parked or safely stopped.
crash injuries  and deaths. Generally,     Having a tire blowout  or a mechanical
the higher the speed, the  greater the     failure can be extremely hazardous.To
risk,  but   serious  injuries  can   also     reduce  the  possibility  of  such  prob-
occur  at  lower speeds.  Never  drive     lems,  check your  tire  pressures  and
faster than  is safe  for current  condi-     condition  frequently,  and  perform  all
tions,  regardless   of  the   maximum     regularly scheduled maintenance.
speed posted.
ONLY use your mobile device when
allowed by laws and when conditions
permit  safe   use.  NEVER  text   or
email while driving. Most states have
laws prohibiting drivers from texting.
Some states and cities  also prohibit
drivers from using handheld phones.
NEVER  let   the  use  of   a  mobile
device distract you from driving. You
have a responsibility to your passen-
gers  and   others  on  the   road  to
always drive safely, with  your hands
on the  wheel as  well as  your eyes
and attention on the road.
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