2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

i   Information - Using the discs
Do not place beverages  close to      •  This device has been manufactured
Operating   the   device   while
driving could lead to accidents
due  to  a  lack  of  attention  to
external   surroundings.   First
park the vehicle before operat-
ing the device.
Adjust the volume to levels that
allow the driver to hear sounds
from  outside   of  the  vehicle.
Driving in a  state where exter-
nal  sounds  cannot  be   heard
may lead to accidents.
the audio system. Spilling bever-
ages  may  lead  to  system  mal-
In  case of  product malfunction,
please contact your place of pur-
chase or After Service center.
Placing the  audio system within      •  After using a disc, put the disc back
an electromagnetic  environment
may result in noise interference.
to   be   compatible   with    software
bearing the following logo marks.
Do  not  clean   discs  with  chemical
solutions,   such  as   record  sprays,
antistatic  sprays,  antistatic  liquids,
benzene, or thinners.
in  its  original  case  to  prevent  disc
Prevent  caustic  solutions  such      •  Hold discs by their  edges or  within
as  perfume   and   cosmetic   oil
from  contacting  the  dashboard
because  they  may  cause  dam-
age or discoloration.
the center  hole to prevent damages
to disc surfaces.
Pay  attention   to  the  volume
Do not introduce foreign substances
into    the    disc    insert/eject     slot.
Introducing     foreign     substances
could damage the device interior.
device on. A sudden  output of
extreme  volume upon  turning
the  device  on   could  lead  to
hearing   impairment.  (Adjust
the volume  to  a suitable  level
before turning off the device.)
•  Do  not  insert  two  discs  simultane-
When  using   CD-R/CD-RW   discs,
differences in disc reading and play-
ing  times  may  occur depending  on
the  disc  manufacturer,  production
method  and  the  recording  method
as used by the user.
Product Specification
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