2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Trunk lid control switch
Your  vehicle  should  be   kept
locked   and   the  Smart   Key
should be kept out of the reach
of  children.   Parents   should
teach their  children about  the
dangers of playing in trunks.
You   and   your    passengers
must be aware of  the location
Safety  Release  lever   in  this
vehicle  and how  to  open the
trunk in case you are acciden-
tally locked in the trunk.
Use   the    release   lever    for
emergencies only.
NEVER allow anyone to  occu-
py the  trunk of  the vehicle  at
any  time. If  the  trunk  is par-
tially or totally latched and the
person  is  unable  to  get out,
serious injury  or death  could
occur  due to  lack  of  ventila-
tion, exhaust fumes and rapid
heat  build-up,  or  because of
exposure to cold weather con-
ditions.  The  trunk  is   also  a
highly  dangerous  location in
the event of a crash because it
is  not  a  protected  occupant
space but is a part of the vehi-
cle’s crush zone.
The trunk lid control switch is used to
prevent  unauthorized access  to  the
When the trunk lid  control switch is
in  the UNLOCK  position  (    ), the
trunk can be unlocked with the trunk
release button and the smart key.
When the trunk lid control switch is
in the LOCK position (   ), the trunk
can be unlocked with the mechani-
cal key of the smart  key.
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