2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Fuel Filler Door (Hybrid)
Opening the fuel filler door
i   Information
The Smart Trunk function will not
work if any of the following occurs:
- The
smart  key  is  close  to  a  radio
transmitter such as a radio station
or an  airport  which  can  interfere
with   normal    operation    of   the
- The smart key is near
a mobile two
way  radio   system   or  a   cellular
- Another
operated close to your vehicle.
vehicles smart key is being
3. Pull the fuel filler door  (1) outward
to access the fuel tank cap.
The  detecting  range  may  decrease
or increase when :
4. To remove  the  fuel tank  cap  (2),
turn  it counterclockwise. You  may
hear a  hissing noise  as the  pres-
sure inside the tank equalizes.
The fuel  filler door  must be  opened
from  inside  the  vehicle by  pushing
side  of  the  tire  is  raised  to     the fuel filler  door opener button.
- One
replace a tire or to inspect the vehi-
Turn the engine off.
Push  the  fuel  filler  door   opener
5. Place the cap on the fuel filler door.
- The vehicle is parked on a slope or
unpaved road, etc.
i   Information
If  the  fuel  filler door  does  not  open
because ice has formed around it, tap
lightly  or push  on  the  door to  break
the  ice  and  release  the  door.  Do  not
pry  on  the  door.  If  necessary,  spray
around the door with an approved de-
icer  fluid  (do  not  use  radiator  anti-
freeze) or move the vehicle to a warm
place and allow the ice to melt.
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