2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Trunk unlocking
Panic button
To unlock:
To unlock:
Press the  Panic button  (4) for  more
than  one second. The  horn  sounds
and  hazard warning  lights  flash  for
about 30 seconds.
To cancel the panic mode, press any
button on the remote key.
the  Door Unlock  button (2)      1. Press the Trunk Unlock button  (3)
on  the remote  key for  more  than
one second.
on the remote key.
driver’s  door will  unlock. The
hazard warning lights will blink two      2. The  hazard   warning   lights  will
times.                                                       blink two times.
If you press the Door Unlock button    Once  the trunk  is opened  and  then
again within four  seconds, then all     closed,  the trunk  will  lock automati-
the doors will unlock.
For  more  information,  refer   to  the
“Key Ignition Switch” section in chap-
ter 5.
i   Information
i   Information
After unlocking  the  doors,  the  doors     •  After unlocking the trunk, the trunk
will  lock  automatically  after  30  sec-
onds unless a door is opened.
will lock automatically.
The word "HOLD" is written on the
button to inform you that you must
press and hold the button for   more
than one second.
To  prevent damaging  the  remote
Keep the  remote key away  from
water or any liquid. If the remote
key is  inoperative  due to  expo-
sure to water  or other liquids,  it
will not be covered by your man-
ufacturer’s vehicle warranty.
Avoid dropping  or throwing  the
remote key.
Protect   the   remote   key  from
extreme temperatures.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.