2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Your  new   vehicle   is  designed   to     Gasoline containing alcohol or
obtain  maximum  performance  with
UNLEADED FUEL,  as well  as mini-
mize  exhaust  emissions  and spark
plug fouling.
Gasohol, a  mixture  of gasoline  and
ethanol  (also  known as  grain  alco-
hol) are being marketed along with or
instead of leaded  or unleaded gaso-
Do not use gasohol  containing more
than  10% ethanol,  and  do  not  use
gasoline  or gasohol  containing  any
methanol. Either  of these  fuels may
cause drivability problems  and dam-
age to the fuel system.
CAUTION indicates  a hazardous
situation  which,  if not  avoided,
could result  in minor  or moder-
ate injury.
Your new  vehicle is  designed to  use
only unleaded  fuel having an  octane
number  ((R+M)/2)  of  87  (Research
Octane Number 91) or higher.
indicates    a    situation
which, if not avoided, could  result
in vehicle damage.
To prevent  damage to  the engine
and   engine  components,   never     Discontinue   using  gasohol   of  any
add   any   fuel   system   cleaning     kind  if drivability problems occur.
agents to the  fuel tank other  than
"E85" fuel is an alternative  fuel com-
prised of  85 percent ethanol and  15
what has been specified.
Consult  an  authorized  HYUNDAI     percent   gasoline,  and  is  manufac-
dealer for additional information.
tured  exclusively for  use in  Flexible
Fuel Vehicles. “E85”  is not  compati-
ble  with your  vehicle.  Use of  “E85”
may  result in  poor  engine  perform-
ance  and damage  to your  vehicle's
engine  and  fuel  system. HYUNDAI
recommends that  customers do  not
use  fuel   with   an  ethanol   content
exceeding 10 percent.
Do not "top off" after  the noz-
zle   automatically   shuts   off
when refueling.
Always check that the fuel cap
is  installed  securely   to  pre-
vent fuel spillage  in the event
of an accident.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.