2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

What to Expect After an Air
Bag Inflates
Noise and smoke from inflating
air bag
Always   wash  exposed   skin
areas  thoroughly   with  luke-
warm water and mild soap.
When the air bags inflate, they make
a   loud   noise   and   may   produce
smoke and powder in the air inside of
the vehicle.  This is  normal and  is a
result  of the  ignition  of  the air  bag
inflator. After the air bag inflates, you
may  feel   substantial  discomfort  in
breathing because  of the  contact of
your chest with both the seat belt and
the air bag, as well as from breathing
the smoke  and powder. The powder
may  aggravate   asthma   for   some
people. If  you  experience breathing
problems  after  an  air   bag  deploy-
ment, seek  medical attention  imme-
Though the  smoke  and powder  are
nontoxic, they may cause irritation to
the  skin,  eyes, nose,  throat,  etc.  If
this is the case,  wash and rinse with
cold  water   immediately   and  seek
medical  attention  if   the  symptoms
After a frontal or side air bag inflates,
it  will  deflate  very  quickly.  Air  bag
inflation  will  not  prevent  the  driver
from seeing out  of the windshield  or
being able  to steer. Curtain air  bags
may   remain   partially   inflated   for
some time after they deploy.
Always   have  an   authorized
HYUNDAI dealer replace the air
bag  immediately after  deploy-
ment. Air bags are designed to
be used only once.
After  an  air  bag  inflates,  take
the following precautions:
Open your windows and doors
as   soon   as   possible   after
impact  to   reduce  prolonged
exposure  to   the  smoke  and
powder released by  the inflat-
ing air bag.
Do not touch the  air bag stor-
age   area’s  internal   compo-
nents immediately after an  air
bag  has   inflated.  The   parts
that come into contact with an
inflating air  bag  may be  very
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.