2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Good Braking Practices
Wet brakes  can  be dangerous! The     Keep  your  foot  firmly  on  the brake
brakes may  get wet  if the vehicle  is     pedal when the vehicle is  stopped to
driven through standing  water or if it     prevent  the  vehicle from  rolling  for-
is washed. Your vehicle  will not stop
as quickly if  the brakes are wet. Wet
brakes may cause the vehicle  to pull
to one side.
To dry  the brakes,  apply the  brakes
lightly until the braking action returns
to  normal,  taking  care to  keep  the
vehicle under  control  at all  times. If
the braking action does not  return to
normal, stop  as soon as it  is safe to
do   so    and   call    an    authorized
HYUNDAI dealer for assistance.
DO NOT  drive with your foot  resting
on  the brake  pedal.  Even light,  but
constant pedal pressure can result in
the brakes  overheating, brake  wear,
and possibly even brake failure.
Whenever leaving the vehicle or
parking, always come to a com-
plete   stop    and   continue    to
depress the  brake  pedal. Move
the shift  lever into  the P  (Park)
position, then apply the parking
brake,  and   place  the   ignition
switch in the OFF position.
Vehicles with the  parking brake
not fully engaged are  at risk for
moving inadvertently and  caus-
ing injury to yourself or others.
If a  tire goes flat  while you are  driv-
ing,  apply   the   brakes  gently   and
keep  the   vehicle   pointed   straight
ahead  while you  slow  down. When
you are  moving slowly enough  for it
to be safe  to do so, pull  off the road
and stop in a safe location.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.