2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Smart Cruise Control will be
temporarily canceled when:
Canceled automatically
•  The driver starts driving by pushing
the  lever   up  (RES   +)  or   down
(SET -),  after stopping the  vehicle
with a  vehicle stopped far  away in
The driver's door is opened.
The   shift  lever   is  shifted   to   N
(Neutral), R (Reverse) or D (Drive).
The EPB  (Electric  Parking Brake)
is applied.
The  accelerator  pedal is  continu-
ously depressed for more than one
The vehicle speed is over 120 mph
Each  of these  actions  will  cancel
the  Smart  Cruise  Control  opera-
tion. (The  Set Speed and  Vehicle-
to-Vehicle  Distance   on  the  LCD
display will go off.)
In  a  condition  the   Smart  Cruise
Control  is canceled  automatically,
the  Smart Cruise  Control  will  not
resume even  though the  RES+ or
SET-  lever   is  pushed.  Also,   the
EPB will be applied when the vehi-
cle is stopped.
The   vehicle   stops   on   a  steep
The    ESC   (Electronic    Stability
Control),   TCS   (Traction  Control
System) or ABS is operating.
The ESC is turned off.
The  radar or  the cover  is  dirty or
blocked with foreign matter.
Canceled manually
Depressing the brake pedal.
Pressing    the    CANCEL   button
located on the steering wheel.
When  the  vehicle  is  stopped  for
more than 5 minutes.
The vehicle stops and goes repeat-
edly for a long period of  time.
The driver starts driving by pushing
the  lever   up  (RES   +)  or   down
(SET -),  approximately  3 seconds
after the  vehicle is stopped  by the
Smart Cruise  Control System with
no other vehicle ahead.
Depress the brake pedal and press
the  CANCEL  button at  the  same
time,  when   the   vehicle  is   at  a
If the  Smart Cruise Control  is can-
celed  by  other  than   the  reasons
The  Smart Cruise  Control  turns  off
temporarily when the indicator on the
LCD display turns off.
The CRUISE  indicator is illuminated
checked by an authorized HYUNDAI
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.