2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Vehicle capacity weight
lbs. (410 kg)
Vehicle capacity  weight is  the maxi-
mum combined weight  of occupants
and cargo. If your vehicle is equipped
with  a  trailer,  the combined  weight
includes the tongue load.
Cargo  capacity
5. Determine the combined weight of
luggage  and cargo  being  loaded
on  the  vehicle. That  weight  may
not  safely   exceed  the  available
cargo  and luggage  load capacity
calculated in Step 4.
The  cargo  capacity  of  your vehicle
will increase  or decrease  depending
on  the  weight   and  the  number  of
occupants  and  the  tongue   load,  if
your vehicle is equipped with a trailer.
If your vehicle will be towing a trail-
er,  load  from  your  trailer will  be
Steps for determining correct
load limit
Seating capacity
Total : 5 persons
Consult this  manual to  determine
how  this   reduces   the  available
cargo  and luggage  load capacity
of your vehicle.
Locate  the  statement "The  com-
bined  weight   of  occupants   and
cargo  should  never exceed  XXX
kg or  XXX lbs.''  on your  vehicle's
(Front seat : 2 persons,
Rear seat : 3 persons)
Seating  capacity   is  the   maximum
number   of  occupants   including   a
driver,    your   vehicle    may   carry.
However,  the  seating capacity  may
be reduced based upon the weight of
Determine the combined weight of
the driver and passengers that will
be riding in your vehicle.
Do  not overload  the vehicle  as
there   is   a  limit   to   the   total
weight,  or  load limit,  including
occupants and  cargo, the  vehi-
cle  can carry.  Overloading  can
shorten the life of  the vehicle. If
the   GVWR   or   the   GAWR  is
exceeded, parts  on  the  vehicle
can break, and it can change the
handling of  your vehicle. These
could cause you  to lose control
and result in an accident.
all of  the occupants, and  the weight     3. Subtract  the  combined  weight of
of the  cargo being carried  or towed.
Do not overload the  vehicle as there
is a  limit to  the total weight,  or load
limit including  occupants and  cargo,
the vehicle can carry.
the  driver  and  passengers  from
XXX kg or XXX lbs.
The  resulting   figure  equals   the
available amount of cargo and lug-
gage load capacity. For example, if
the  "XXX"  amount   equals  1400
lbs. and  there will  be five  150 lb.
passengers  in  your   vehicle,  the
amount of available cargo and lug-
gage  load   capacity  is   650  lbs.
Towing capacity
We  do  not  recommend   using  this
vehicle for trailer towing.
- 750 (5 x 150) = 650  lbs.)
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Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.