2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Your vehicle  is equipped  with a cat-
alytic   converter   emission    control
To  prevent damage  to  the  catalytic
converter  and to  your  vehicle,  take
the following precautions:
Do not modify  or tamper with
any   part   of  the   engine   or
emission  control  system.  All
inspections  and  adjustments
must  be made  by  an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
Avoid  driving  with  extremely
low fuel level. If you run out of
gasoline,  it  could  cause  the
engine to misfire and result in
excessive  loading of  the cat-
alytic converter.
Use  only   UNLEADED   FUEL
for gasoline engines.
Do  not   operate   the  vehicle
there    are   signs    of
engine  malfunction,  such  as
misfire or a noticeable loss  of
Do  not  misuse or  abuse  the
engine.  Examples  of  misuse
are  coasting with  the  engine
off   and    descending    steep
grades in gear with the engine
Do not  operate  the engine  at
high  idle speed  for  extended
periods (5 minutes or more).
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.