2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

the  socket  and  rotating  it  until  it
locks into place.
a new bulb by inserting it into
i   Information
HID  lamps   have  superior  perform-
ance vs. halogen bulbs.
the socket  in  the assembly
HID lamps are estimated by the man-
ufacturer   to  last   twice   as  long   or
longer than halogen bulbs depending
on  their frequency  of  use.  They  will
probably require replacement at some
point in the life of the vehicle. Cycling
the headlamps on and off more than
typical  use  will  shorten   HID  lamps
life. HID lamps do not fail in the same
by aligning  the tabs on  the socket
with the slots in the assembly.
the socket into  the assembly
and turn the socket clockwise.
Turn signal lamp
1. Open the hood.
as    halogen    incandescent
lamps. If a headlamp goes out after   a
period of operation but will immedi-        2. Disconnect the negative battery
ately   relight    when   the   headlamp
switch  is  cycled  it  is  likely  the  HID
lamp needs to be replaced. HID light-
ing  components   are   more  complex
than conventional halogen bulbs thus
have higher replacement cost.
assembly  by   turning   the  socket
counterclockwise until  the tabs  on
the  socket align  with the  slots  on
the assembly.
the   socket    from    the
the bulb  from  the socket
by  pressing  it   in  and  rotating   it
counterclockwise until  the tabs  on
the bulb  align with the  slots in the
socket.  Pull  the   bulb  out  of  the
The  headlamp  aiming  should  be
adjusted after an accident or  after
the  headlamp  assembly   is  rein-
stalled at  an authorized HYUNDAI
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.