2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
To adjust the Zone setting:
If  you need  to  recalibrate the  com-     Integrated HomeLink® Wireless
Control System
Number based  upon your  current     1. Press and  hold  the
more  than  6 seconds.  When  the     System can replace up to three hand-
compass memory is cleared a  "C"     held  radio-frequency  (RF)  transmit-
button  for     The  HomeLink ®  Wireless   Control
location on the Zone Map.
Press  and hold  the
more than  3 but  less than  6 sec-
button  for
will appear in the display.
ters with a single  built-in device. This
innovative feature will learn  the radio
frequency   codes  of   most   current
transmitters to  operate devices such
as gate operators, garage door open-
ers,  entry  door  locks,  security  sys-
tems, even home  lighting. Both stan-
dard and rolling code-equipped trans-
mitters  can  be  programmed by  fol-
lowing the outlined procedures.
onds,  the  current  Zone   Number     2. Drive the vehicle in 2 complete cir-
will appear on the display.
Pressing and holding the
cles at less than 5 mph (8  km/h).
again  will  cause the  numbers  to
increment  (Note: they  will  repeat
14, 15,  1, 2,  …). Releasing
the button when  the desired Zone
Number  appears  on  the   display
will set the new Zone.
Additional   HomeLink ®  information
can be found  at: www.homelink.com
or by calling 1-800-355-3515.
Retain the original  transmitter of the
RF device  you are  programming for
Within about  5 seconds  the com-
pass  will start  displaying  a  com-
pass heading again.
There are  some conditions  that can
cause changes  to  the vehicle  mag-
nets, such as  installing a ski  rack or
a CB  antenna. Body repair  work on
the vehicle  can also cause  changes
to  the   vehicle's  magnetic  field.   In
these  situations,  the   compass  will
need  to  be  re-calibrated  to quickly
correct these changes.
use in  other  vehicles as  well as  for
future HomeLink® programming. It is
also suggested that upon the sale  of
HomeLink®  buttons   be  erased   for
security purposes.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.