2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Winter Precautions
Use high quality ethylene glycol
Your  vehicle  is  delivered  with  high
quality ethylene glycol coolant  in the
cooling system. It  is the only type  of
coolant that should be used because
it helps prevent corrosion in the cool-
ing   system,   lubricates   the   water
pump and prevents freezing. Be sure
Change to "winter weight" oil if
When using tire chains:
In some climates  it is recommended
that a lower viscosity  "winter weight"
oil be used during cold  weather. See
chapter  8  for   recommendations.  If
you aren't  sure  what weight  oil you
should  use,  consult   an  authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Wrong size chains or improperly
installed   chains   can   damage
your  vehicle's brake  lines, sus-
pension, body and wheels.
Use   SAE   “S”   class   or   wire
If  you   hear   noise  caused   by
chains   contacting    the    body,
retighten  the  chain   to  prevent
contact with the vehicle body.
to replace  or replenish  your coolant     Check battery and cables
in accordance with  the maintenance
Winter  puts  additional   burdens  on
schedule in chapter 7. Before winter,
the  battery system.  Visually inspect
have  your coolant  tested  to  assure
the battery  and cables as  described
retighten the chains after driving    that  its freezing point is  sufficient for
the  temperatures anticipated  during
the winter.
in chapter  7. The  level of  charge in
your  battery can  be checked  by  an
authorized   HYUNDAI  dealer   or  a
service station.
miles (0.5~1.0 km).
Do not  use tire  chains on  vehi-
cles  equipped   with   aluminum
wheels.  If   unavoidable,  use   a
wire type chain.
Use  wire chains  less  than  0.47
inch  (12  mm)  wide   to  prevent
damage  to the  chain’s  connec-
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.