2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Owner Maintenance Schedule
When you stop for fuel:
While operating your vehicle:
•  Note any changes  in the sound  of     • Check  coolant  level in  the engine
the   exhaust    or   any    smell   of
exhaust fumes in the vehicle.
At least monthly:
coolant reservoir.
Check the engine oil level.
Check coolant  level  in the  engine
coolant reservoir.
Check  the operation  of  all  exterior
lights,  including the  stoplights,  turn
signals and hazard warning flashers.
Check the inflation pressures of all
tires  including  the  spare  for tires
that are  worn, show uneven  wear,
or are damaged.
Check for vibrations in the steering
wheel.   Notice    if   there   is   any
increased steering  effort or  loose-
ness   in  the   steering   wheel,  or
change  in its  straight-ahead posi-
Notice  if  your   vehicle  constantly
turns slightly  or “pulls” to one  side
when  traveling   on  smooth,  level
Check the  windshield washer fluid
Check  for   low  or   under-inflated
Check for loose wheel lug nuts.
Be careful  when checking  your
engine  coolant  level  when the
engine is hot.This  may result in
coolant being  blown out  of the
opening    and   cause    serious
burns and other injuries.
•  When  stopping,  listen and  check
for unusual  sounds, pulling to  one
side, increased  brake pedal  travel
or “hard-to-push” brake pedal.
If  any  slipping or  changes  in  the
operation   of   your   transmission
occurs,   check   the  transmission
fluid level.
Check the  automatic transmission
/dual clutch  transmission P  (Park)
Check the parking brake.
Check  for  fluid  leaks  under  your
vehicle (water dripping from the air
conditioning system during or after
use is normal).
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.