2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Hazardous Driving Conditions
Rocking the Vehicle
When  hazardous  driving conditions     If  it is  necessary to  rock the vehicle
are   encountered   such   as   water,     to  free it  from snow,  sand,  or mud,
If the  tires spin at  high speed the
tires can explode, and  you or oth-
ers may be injured. Do not attempt
this procedure if people or objects
are anywhere near the vehicle.
The vehicle  can overheat causing
an  engine   compartment   fire   or
other damage. Spin the wheels  as
little  as possible  and  avoid spin-
snow, ice, mud or sand:
first turn the steering wheel right and
left  to  clear  the  area  around  your
front  wheels.  Then,  shift  back  and
forth between R (Reverse) and a for-
ward gear.
Try to avoid spinning the wheels, and
do not race the engine.
Drive cautiously and  allow extra dis-
tance for braking.
Avoid sudden movements  in braking
or steering.
If stuck  in snow,  mud, or  sand, use
second  gear.  Accelerate   slowly  to
avoid spinning the drive wheels.
To  prevent  transmission  wear,  wait     ning the wheels at speeds over 35
until the wheels stop spinning before     mph (56  km/h) as indicated on the
shifting gears. Release the accelera-
tor  pedal  while  shifting,  and  press
lightly on the accelerator pedal while
the  transmission  is  in  gear. Slowly
spinning  the wheels  in forward  and
reverse directions  causes  a rocking
motion that may free the vehicle.
Downshifting with an automatic
transmission  while  driving   on
slippery surfaces  can cause an
accident. The sudden change in
tire speed could cause the  tires
to skid.  Be careful when  down-
shifting on slippery surfaces.
Use sand, rock salt, or other non-slip
material  under  the  drive  wheels to
provide  traction  when  stuck  in  ice,
snow, or mud.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.