2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Tire ply composition and
6. Maximum load rating
Tread wear
This number indicates the  maximum     The tread wear grade  is a compara-
The number of layers or plies of  rub-     load  in  kilograms  and  pounds that      tive rating based on the wear  rate of
ber-coated   fabric  in   the  tire.  Tire     can   be  carried  by   the  tire.  When     the tire when tested under controlled
manufacturers also must indicate the     replacing  the  tires  on   the  vehicle,     conditions  on   a  specified   govern-
materials  in  the  tire,  which include      always use a  tire that has the  same     ment test course. For example, a tire
steel,  nylon,  polyester,  and  others.     load  rating  as  the  factory  installed     graded  150 would  wear  one-and-a-
The letter  "R" means radial  ply con-
struction; the letter "D“ means diago-
nal or  bias ply construction; and  the
letter "B" means belted-bias ply con-
half times  (1½)  as well  on the  gov-
ernment course as a tire graded 100.
The  relative   performance   of  tires
depends upon  the actual  conditions
of   their   use,   however,  and   may
depart  significantly   from  the  norm
due  to  variations  in  driving  habits,
service  practices and  differences in
road characteristics and climate.
These  grades   are  molded  on  the
sidewalls of  passenger vehicle tires.
The  tires  available  as  standard  or
optional  equipment on  your  vehicle
may vary with respect to grade.
Uniform tire quality grading
Quality grades  can  be found  where
applicable    on    the   tire    sidewall
between  tread  shoulder  and  maxi-
mum section width.
For example:
TREAD wear 200
permissible inflation  pressure. Refer     TEMPERATURE A
to the  Tire and  Loading Information
label   for    recommended    inflation
Maximum permissible infla-
tion pressure
This number  is the greatest  amount
of air pressure  that should be  put in
the tire. Do not exceed the maximum
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.