2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Finish damage repair
Bright-metal maintenance
Underbody maintenance
Deep scratches or stone chips in the     •  To  remove  road  tar  and  insects,     Corrosive  materials used for ice  and
painted  surface   must  be   repaired
promptly. Exposed metal  will quickly
rust  and may  develop  into  a major
repair expense.
use a tar remover, not a scraper or     snow  removal and  dust control  may
other sharp object.                               collect  on  the  underbody.  If  these
materials are  not removed,  acceler-
ated rusting can occur on underbody
parts  such as  the fuel  lines,  frame,
floor pan  and exhaust system,  even
though they  have been  treated with
rust protection.
Thoroughly flush  the  vehicle under-
body and  wheel openings with luke-
warm  or cold  water  once  a month,
after off-road  driving and at  the end
of each  winter. Pay special attention
to these  areas because  it is difficult
to see all  the mud and dirt.  It will do
more  harm than  good  to wet  down
the  road grime  without  removing it.
The  lower  edges   of  doors,  rocker
panels,  and  frame   members  have
drain   holes   that    should   not   be
allowed  to   clog  with   dirt;  trapped
water in these areas can cause rust-
To  protect the  surfaces  of  bright-
metal parts from corrosion, apply a
coating of  wax  or chrome  preser-
vative and rub to a high  luster.
During winter weather or in coastal
areas, cover the bright  metal parts
with  a  heavier coating  of  wax  or
preservative. If necessary, coat the
parts with non-corrosive petroleum
jelly or other protective compound.
If  your  vehicle   is  damaged  and
requires    any   metal    repair    or
replacement,   be  sure   the  body
shop applies anti-corrosion  mate-
rials   to   the   parts   repaired    or
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.