2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

If you Have a Flat Tire While
If the Engine Doesn't Turn
If the Engine Turns Over
Normally but Doesn't Start
Over or Turns Over Slowly
If a tire goes flat while you are driving:    • Be   sure  the   shift  lever  is   in  N     Check  the fuel  level and  add  fuel if
(Neutral)  or P  (Park). The  engine
starts only when the shift lever is in
N (Neutral) or P (Park).
Check  the battery  connections  to     ized HYUNDAI dealer.
be sure they are clean and tight.
Turn on the interior light. If the light
dims or goes out when you operate
the starter, the battery is  drained.
If the engine still does not start, have
your  vehicle checked  by an  author-
Take  your foot  off  the  accelerator
pedal and let the vehicle slow down
while driving straight ahead. Do not
apply  the  brakes   immediately  or
attempt to  pull off the  road as  this
may  cause loss  of  vehicle control
resulting in  an accident. When  the
vehicle has slowed to such a speed
that it is  safe to do so,  brake care-
fully and pull  off the road. Drive off     Do  not  push  or  pull  the  vehicle to
the road as far as possible and park    start it. This could  cause damage to
on firm, level  ground. If you are on     your   vehicle.  See   instructions   for
a  divided highway,  do not  park  in     "Jump   Starting"   provided   in   this
the median  area  between the  two
traffic lanes.
When the vehicle is stopped, press
the hazard  warning flasher button,
move  the  shift lever  into  P(Park),
and apply  the parking   brake, and
place  the   ignition   switch  in   the
LOCK/OFF position.
Have all passengers  get out of the
vehicle. Be sure they all  get out on
the side of the  vehicle that is away
from traffic.
Push or pull starting the vehicle
may  cause   the  catalytic   con-
verter  to   overload  which   can
lead to damage to  the emission
control system.
When  changing  a  flat  tire,  follow
the  instructions  provided  later   in
this chapter.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.