2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Programming HomeLink®
Please note the following:
•  When programming a garage door
opener,  it  is  advised  to  park  the
vehicle outside of the garage.
Rolling code programming
Rolling   code   devices    which   are
"code-protected"  and  manufactured
after 1996 may be determined by the
•  Reference   the    device   owner's
manual for verification.
Before programming  HomeLink®
to a garage  door opener or  gate
operator, make  sure people  and
objects are out of the  way of the
device to prevent  potential harm
It is recommended that  a new bat-
tery  be  placed   in  the  hand-held
or   damage.   Do  not   use   the
HomeLink® with any garage door
transmitter of the device being pro-     •  The handheld  transmitter appears
grammed to HomeLink® for quicker
to     program      the     HomeLink
opener that lacks the safety stop
and reverse features required  by
U.S. federal safety standards (this
includes any garage door opener
model manufactured before April
Universal Transceiver but does not
activate the device.
training and accurate  transmission
of the radio-frequency signal.
Some  vehicles   may  require   the     •  Press
ignition switch  to be  placed in  the
ACC (or "Accessories") position for
programming  and/or  operation  of
HomeLink button.  The device  has
the rolling  code feature if  the indi-
cator light flashes rapidly  and then
turns solid after 2 seconds.
1982). A garage door that can-
not  detect an  object -  signaling
the  door  to stop  and  reverse  -
does not meet current U.S. feder-
al   safety  standards.   Using   a
garage   door    opener   without
these features increases the  risk
of serious injury or death.
In the event that there are  still pro-
gramming  difficulties or  questions
after   following  the   programming
HomeLink® at:  www.homelink.com
or by calling 1-800-355-3515.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.