2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
GPS Time check
The  clock  is  automatically updated
through the navigation system.
Clothes Hanger (if equipped)
Do   not   hang    other   objects
except clothes. In an accident it
may  cause  vehicle  damage  or
personal injury.
GPS Time non-check
The clock can be manually adjusted.
Select  the  "System  Settings"  on
the "INFO/Setup" screen.
Select the "Clock Settings".
Select   the   "Time   Settings"   by
rotating the  controller on the  cen-
ter console panel.
Door post
Select the "Time Format" to the 12
hour or 24 hour format.
For more information, please refer to
the manual that was  separately sup-
plied with your vehicle.
To hang items, pull the hanger down.
These hangers  are  not designed  to
hold large or heavy items.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.