2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
If the  inner door handle of  the dri-     With the central door lock
ver’s (or front  passenger’s) door is
pulled when the door lock button is
in  the lock  position,  the  button is
unlocked and door opens.
Front doors cannot be locked if the
key is in the ignition switch and any
front door is open.
The  doors   should   always  be
fully  closed  and   locked  while
the  vehicle is  in  motion. If  the
doors are  unlocked, the  risk of
being thrown from the vehicle in
a crash is increased.
Driver’s door
Passenger’s door
Doors   cannot   be  locked   if   the
smart key is in the vehicle  and any
door is open.
Do not leave children or animals
unattended  in your  vehicle.  An
enclosed  vehicle   can  become
extremely hot, causing  death or
serious   injury   to  unattended
children or animals  who cannot
escape   the   vehicle.   Children
might  operate   features  of  the
vehicle  that  could injure  them,
or  they  could  encounter  other
harm,  possibly  from   someone
gaining entry to the vehicle.
i   Information
If a power door lock ever fails to func-
tion  while  you  are  in  the  vehicle  try
one  or  more   of  the  following  tech-
niques to exit:
When pressing the (   ) switch (1), all
vehicle doors will lock.
When pressing the  (   ) switch  (2), all
vehicle doors will unlock.
If the key  is in the ignition switch  and
any door is opened, the doors will not
lock even though the lock button (1) of
the central door lock switch is pressed.
Operate   the  door   unlock  feature
repeatedly    (both   electronic    and
pulling on the door handle.
Operate  the  other  door  locks  and
handles, front and rear.
If the smart  key is in the vehicle and
any  door  is opened,  the  doors  will
not lock even  though the lock button
Lower a front window and use the
mechanical  key  to  unlock  the  door
from outside.
of the  central door lock  switch is
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.