2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

i   Information - Using the
iPod® device
Avoid use of USB mem-
•  When the EQ features of an exter-
nal  device,  such  as  the  iPod®,  and
the audio system are both active, EQ
effects   could   overlap   and   cause
sound deterioration and distortion.
ory  products   that   can
also   be    used   as   key
chains  or mobile  phone
accessories.  Use   of  such  products
may cause damage to the USB jack.
iPod®  is  a  registered  trademark  of
Apple Inc.
In order to use the iPod® while oper-
ating the keys, you must use a dedi-
cated iPod® cable. (the cable that is
supplied   when   purchasing   iPod®
/iPhone® products)
Whenever possible, turn off the EQ
feature  within  the  external  device
upon  use   by  connecting  with   the
audio system.
Connecting an MP3 device or phone
through  various  channels,  such  as
AUX/BT or Audio/ USB mode may
result  in   pop  noises  or  abnormal
If the iPod® is connected to the vehi-
•  Noise may occur  when an iPod®    or
cle while it is playing, a high pitch
sound could occur for approximate-
ly  1-2   seconds   immediately  after
connecting. If possible, connect the
iPod  to  the  vehicle  with  the  iPod®
AUX   device  is   connected.   When
such devices are not being used, dis-
connect the device for storage.
When   the  iPod®   or  AUX   device
power  is   connected  to  the   power
jack,   playing  the   external  device
may  result  in  noise.  In  such  cases,
disconnect   the   power  connection
before use.
stopped/ paused.
During  ACC  ON  state,  connecting
the  iPod® through  the  iPod® cable
will  charge  the  iPod®  through  the
car audio system.
Skipping   or   improper   operation
When  connecting   with   the  iPod®
may occur depending on the charac-
teristics    of   your   iPod®   /Phone ®
cable, make sure to fully insert the
jack   to    prevent   communication
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.