2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Do not get back into  a vehicle
once  you have  begun  refuel-
ing. You can generate a  build-
up   of   static   electricity    by
touching,  rubbing  or   sliding
against   any   item   or  fabric
capable  of   producing  static
electricity.   Static   electricity
Once   refueling   has   begun,
contact   between   your   bare
hand  and the  vehicle  should
be maintained  until the  filling
is complete.
Use  only   approved  portable
plastic fuel containers designed
to carry and store gasoline.
•  If a fire breaks out during refu-
eling, leave the  vicinity of the
vehicle, and immediately con-
tact  the  manager  of  the  gas
station  and  then contact  the
local  fire  department.  Follow
any  safety   instructions  they
If pressurized fuel sprays out,
it  can  cover  your  clothes  or
skin and  thus  subject you  to
the   risk  of   fire  and   burns.
Always  remove  the  fuel  cap
carefully and slowly. If the cap
is venting fuel or if you hear a
hissing  sound, wait  until  the
condition  stops  before  com-
pletely removing the cap.
When refueling,  always move
the shift  lever to  the P  (Park)
vapors  causing  a fire.  If  you
must re-enter the vehicle,  you
should  once  again  eliminate
potentially   dangerous  static
electricity discharge by touch-
ing a metal part of the vehicle,
away from the  fuel filler neck,
brake,  and place  the  ignition
switch to the LOCK/OFF posi-
tion.   Sparks    produced    by
electrical components  related
to  the engine  can  ignite  fuel
vapors causing a fire.
source, with your bare hand.
Do   not   use   matches   or   a
lighter  and  do not  smoke  or
leave  a  lit   cigarette  in  your
vehicle while at  a gas station,
especially during refueling.
Do not over-fill or top-off your
vehicle tank, which can cause
gasoline spillage.
When    using    an   approved
portable   fuel   container,   be
sure to place the container on
the ground  prior to  refueling.
Static   electricity    discharge
from the  container can  ignite
fuel vapors causing a fire.
Always check that the fuel cap
is  installed  securely   to  pre-
vent fuel spillage  in the event
of an accident.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.