2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

You should exercise  the utmost care     Detailed warranty information  is pro-
to  prevent  damage  to  your  vehicle     vided in  your  Owner’s Handbook  &
and injury  to yourself whenever per-      Warranty Information booklet.
Improper  owner maintenance  dur-
ing the  warranty period may  affect
warranty coverage. For details, read
the separate  Owner’s Handbook  &
Warranty  Information  booklet  pro-
vided  with   the  vehicle.  If   you’re
unsure about any service or mainte-
nance procedure,have it done by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
forming any  maintenance or inspec-
tion procedures.
Repairs and adjustments required as
a result  of improper maintenance  or
We recommend you  have your vehi-     a  lack of  required  maintenance are
cle  maintained  and  repaired by  an     not covered.
authorized    HYUNDAI   dealer.   An
Owner Maintenance
authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer  meets
HYUNDAI’s   high    service    quality
standards   and   receives  technical
support  from  HYUNDAI in  order  to
provide you with a high level of serv-
ice satisfaction.
Inadequate,   incomplete  or   insuffi-
cient servicing  may  result in  opera-
tional problems with your vehicle that
could  lead  to   vehicle  damage,  an
accident,   or  personal   injury.  This
chapter provides instructions only for
the maintenance items that are easy
to  perform. Several  procedures can
be   done   only   by   an  authorized
Owner’s Responsibility
Maintenance service and record reten-
tion are the owner’s responsibility.
You  should   retain  documents  that     HYUNDAI dealer  with special tools.
show proper  maintenance has been
Your vehicle  should not  be modified
performed on  your vehicle  in accor-
in any  way. Such  modifications may
dance  with  the   scheduled  mainte-
adversely   affect  the   performance,
nance service  charts  shown on  the
safety  or  durability  of  your  vehicle
following pages. You need  this infor-
and  may, in  addition,  violate condi-
mation to  establish your compliance
tions of the  limited warranties cover-
with the  servicing  and maintenance
ing the vehicle.
requirements  of   your  vehicle  war-
Certain modifications  may also be  in
violation of regulations established by
the U.S. Department of Transportation
and other federal or state agencies.
Product Specification
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.