2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Good Driving Practices
•  When driving in Sports Mode, slow
down  before   shifting  to  a   lower
gear.  Otherwise,   the  lower  gear
may not  be engaged if  the engine
rpms  are outside  of the  allowable
Always come to a complete stop and     •  Never move  the shift  lever from P
continue to depress the brake pedal.
Move the shift lever into the  P (Park)
position,  apply   the  parking   brake,
and  place the  ignition switch  in  the
LOCK/OFF  position.  Take  the   Key
with you when exiting the vehicle.
(Park) or  N (Neutral)  to any  other
position with the  accelerator pedal
Never  move the  shift  lever into  P
(Park)   when   the   vehicle   is   in
Be  sure the  vehicle is  completely
stopped before you attempt to shift
into R (Reverse) or D (Drive).
Do  not move  the  shift  lever to  N
(Neutral)  when  driving.  Doing  so
may result in  an accident because
of a loss of engine braking and the
transmission could be damaged.
Always  apply   the  parking   brake
when  leaving  the vehicle.  Do  not
depend  on  placing  the  transmis-
sion in P (Park) to keep the vehicle
from moving.
When  you  stay  in  the  vehicle
with   the   engine   running,   be
careful not to depress the accel-
erator pedal for a long period of
time.  The   engine   or  exhaust
system may  overheat and  start
a fire.
•  Exercise  extreme   caution   when
driving  on  a  slippery  surface. Be
especially  careful   when  braking,
accelerating or shifting gears. On a
slippery surface, an abrupt change
in  vehicle  speed   can  cause  the
drive  wheels  to lose  traction  and
may cause  loss  of vehicle  control
resulting in an accident.
•  Do not drive  with your foot  resting
on the brake  pedal. Even light, but
consistent    pedal   pressure   can
result  in  the  brakes  overheating,
brake   wear   and   possibly   even
brake failure.
exhaust  system  are   very  hot.
Keep  away   from  the   exhaust
system components.
•  Optimum vehicle performance and
economy is  obtained  by smoothly
and    releasing    the
Do not  stop or  park  over flam-
mable  materials,  such   as  dry
grass,  paper   or   leaves.  They
may ignite and cause a fire.
Depressing  both  accelerator  and
brake pedals at the same time can
trigger   logic   for   engine    power
reduction to  assure vehicle  decel-
eration.  Vehicle   acceleration  will
resume  after  the  brake   pedal  is
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.