2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Battery saver function
The purpose of this feature is to pre-
Headlamp delay function
(if equipped)
If the driver gets out of the vehicle
through  other  doors  (except  dri-
ver's door), the battery saver func-
tion   does  not   operate  and   the
headlamp delay function does not
turn off automatically.Therefore, It
causes   the   battery   to   be   dis-
charged. In  this  case, make  sure
to turn off the lamp  before getting
out of the vehicle.
vent   the  battery   from   being   dis-     If the key is removed from the ignition
charged.  The  system  automatically     switch or placed in the ACC position or
turns off  the parking lamp  when the     the LOCK/OFF position with the head-
key is removed (remote key) or when     lamps  ON,   the  headlamps  (and/or
the driver turns the engine off (smart      parking lamps) remain on for about  5
key) and opens the driver-side door.
minutes. However, if  the driver's door
is opened  and closed, the headlights
are   turned  off   after   15  seconds.
However, with the engine off if the dri-
ver’s door  is opened and  closed, the
headlamps (and/or parking lamps) are
turned off after 15 seconds.
With this  feature, the  parking lamps
will turn off automatically if the driver
parks on the side of road  at night.
If  necessary,  to keep  the  lamps  on
when the engine is turned off, perform
the following:
The headlamps (and/or parking lamps)
can be turned off by pressing the lock
button on the remote key or smart key
twice or turning  the light switch to the
OFF or AUTO position.However, if you
turn the light switch to the AUTO posi-
tion when it is dark outside,  the head-
lamps will not be turned off.
Open the driver-side door.
Turn the  parking lamps  OFF and
ON again using the light switch on
the steering column.
You  can  activate  or  deactivate  the
Headlamp  Delay  function  from  the
User  Settings  Mode  (Light)  on  the
LCD display.
For more  information, refer to the
"LCD   Display"   section   in   this
Product Specification
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.