2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

3. Exhaust Emission Control
Engine exhaust (carbon monox-
ide) precautions
Fuel vapors generated inside the fuel
tank are absorbed  and stored in  the
onboard canister.When the engine is
running, the fuel  vapors absorbed in
the canister are drawn into the surge
tank through  the purge control  sole-
noid valve.
•  Carbon monoxide  can be  present
with  other  exhaust  fumes.  If  you
smell exhaust fumes of any kind in
your vehicle, drive with  all the win-
dows fully open. Have your vehicle
checked and repaired immediately.
System is  a  highly effective  system
which   controls  exhaust   emissions
while maintaining  good  vehicle per-
When  the  engine  starts  or  fails  to
start,  excessive  attempts  to  restart
the engine may cause damage to the
emission system.
Purge Control Solenoid Valve
The  purge control  solenoid valve  is
controlled   by  the   Engine   Control
Engine  exhaust  gases  contain
carbon monoxide  (CO). Though
colorless   and   odorless,  it   is
dangerous and could be lethal if
inhaled.  Follow the instructions
on  this page  to  avoid  CO  poi-
Vehicle modifications
Module   (ECM);  when   the   engine     •  This vehicle  should  not  be  modi-
coolant  temperature   is  low  during
idling, the PCSV closes so that evap-
orated  fuel   is   not  taken   into  the
engine.  After  the engine  warms-up
during  ordinary  driving,   the  PCSV
opens to introduce evaporated fuel to
the engine.
fied.  Modification  of  your  vehicle
could affect its performance, safety
or durability  and may  even violate
governmental   safety   and   emis-
sions regulations.
In addition, damage or performance
problems resulting from  any modifi-
cation  may  not  be covered  under
If you  use unauthorized  electronic
devices, it may cause the vehicle to
operate abnormally,  wire damage,
battery discharge and fire. For your
safety,  do   not  use   unauthorized
electronic devices.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.