2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Vehicle Maximum Load on the
Load on an individual tire due to curb    on   some  models  to   provide  good     they  should  be the  same  size  and
and accessory weight plus maximum     performance for  use all  year round,      have the same  load capacity as  the
occupant and cargo weight.
All Season Tires
Snow Tires
HYUNDAI  specifies all  season tires     If  you equip your car with snow tires,
including snowy  and icy road  condi-     original  tires. Snow  tires  should  be
tions. All  season  tires are  identified     installed  on  all  four  wheels;  other-
by ALL  SEASON and/or  M+S (Mud     wise, poor handling may result. Snow
and Snow) on the tire sidewall. Snow     tires  should  carry   4  psi  (28   kPa)
tires have  better  snow traction  than     more air pressure  than the pressure
all  season  tires  and  may  be more      recommended for the  standard tires
Vehicle Normal Load on the Tire
Load  on   an  individual  tire  that   is
determined  by  distributing  to  each
axle  its  share  of   the  curb  weight,
accessory weight, and  normal occu-
pant weight and dividing by 2.
appropriate in some areas.
on the tire label on the driver's side of
the center  pillar,  or up  to the  maxi-
mum  pressure   shown  on   the  tire
sidewall,  whichever  is  less. Do  not
Summer Tires
HYUNDAI specifies summer tires  on     drive faster than 75  mph (120 km/h)
some  models   to   provide  superior     when  your  vehicle is  equipped with
performance on  dry roads.  Summer     snow tires.
tire   performance    is   substantially
Vehicle Placard
A  label  permanently  attached  to  a
vehicle  showing  the  original  equip-
ment  tire   size  and   recommended
inflation pressure.
reduced  in  snow  and ice.  Summer
tires do not have the  tire traction rat-
ing M+S (Mud and Snow)  on the tire
side wall. If you plan  to operate your
vehicle  in  snowy  or  icy  conditions,
HYUNDAI  recommends  the  use  of
snow tires  or all  season tires  on all
four wheels.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.