2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
After selecting a proper child seat for
your child, check  to make sure it  fits
properly  in your  vehicle.  Follow the
instructions  provided  by  the  manu-
facturer   when  installing   the   child
seat. Note these general steps when
installing the seat to your vehicle:
Lower Anchors and Tether for
Children (LATCH) System
The  LATCH   system  holds  a   child
restraint during driving and in an acci-
dent.  This  system   is  designed   to
make installation of the child restraint
easier  and reduce  the  possibility of
A  child   restraint  in   a  closed
vehicle can become very hot.To
prevent  burns, check  the  seat-
ing surface  and buckles  before
placing  your child  in  the  child
Properly secure the child restraint
to  the  vehicle. All  child  restraints
must be secured to the vehicle  with
the lap part of a lap/shoulder belt or
with the LATCH system.
restraint.  The  LATCH  system  uses
anchors  in  the  vehicle  and  attach-
ments  on   the  child   restraint.  The
LATCH  system eliminates  the  need
to use  seat belts to  secure the child
restraint to the rear seats.
Make sure  the  child restraint  is
firmly  secured.  After installing  a
child restraint  to the  vehicle, push
and pull the seat  forward and from
side-to-side   to   verify   that   it   is
securely  attached  to  the  seat.  A
child restraint  secured with  a seat
belt should be installed as firmly as
possible.  However,  some  side-to-
side movement can be expected.
Lower  anchors are  metal  bars  built
into the  vehicle. There are two lower
anchors   for  each   LATCH  seating
position   that  will   accommodate  a
child restraint with lower attachments.
To  use  the  LATCH  system  in  your
vehicle,   you   must   have   a   child
restraint with LATCH attachments.
The child  seat manufacturer  will pro-
vide you  with  instructions on  how to
use the child seat with its attachments
for the LATCH lower anchors.
Secure  the   child  in   the   child
restraint.  Make  sure the  child  is
properly   strapped    in   the   child
restraint according to the manufac-
turer instructions.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.