2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Check spark plugs and ignition
Do not let your parking brake
Under some conditions  your parking
Don't place foreign objects or
materials in the engine com-
described  in chapter  7  and replace     brake   can  freeze   in  the  engaged     Placement  of foreign object or mate-
them  if   necessary.  Also  check   all     position.This is most likely to happen     rials  which  prevent   cooling  of  the
ignition wiring and components to be     when  there  is   an  accumulation  of     engine,  in the  engine compartment,
sure  they are  not  cracked, worn  or     snow or  ice around or  near the rear      may cause  a failure  or  combustion.
damaged in any way.
brakes  or  if  the  brakes  are  wet. If     The  manufacturer is not  responsible
there is a risk the parking  brake may     for  the   damage   caused  by   such
freeze, apply it only temporarily while
you put  the gear  selector lever  in P
and block the rear wheels so  the car
Use approved window washer
anti-freeze in system
To  keep  the   water  in  the  window     cannot  roll. Then release the parking
washer system from freezing, add an
approved window washer anti-freeze
solution  in accordance  with instruc-
tions on the container.Window wash-
er  anti-freeze  is  available  from  an
To keep locks from freezing
To  keep   the  locks   from   freezing,
squirt  an  approved  de-icer  fluid  or
glycerine  into the  key  opening. If  a
lock is covered with ice, squirt  it with
an approved de-icing fluid to remove
Do not let ice and snow accu-
mulate underneath
authorized   HYUNDAI   dealer   and     Under   some  conditions,  snow  and     the ice. If the lock is frozen internally,
most auto  parts outlets.  Do not  use     ice can  build  up  under the  fenders     you  may  be  able to  thaw  it  out  by
engine coolant or other types of anti-     and interfere with the steering. When     using a heated key. Handle the heat-
freeze  as  these   may  damage  the     driving  in   severe  winter  conditions     ed key with care to  avoid injury.
paint finish.
where this  may happen,  you should
periodically   check  underneath   the
car to  be sure  the movement of  the
front  wheels and  the steering  com-
ponents is not obstructed.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.