2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Where Are the Air Bags?
Driver’s and passenger’s  front
air bags
The purpose of the SRS is to provide
the vehicle's driver and front passen-
gers  with additional  protection  than
that offered  by the  seat belt  system
alone.  The  SRS   uses  sensors   to
gather information about  the driver's
and   front   passenger's    seat   belt
usage and impact severity.
The seat  belt buckle  sensors deter-
mine if  the driver  and front  passen-
ger's seat  belts are fastened. These
sensors provide the  ability to control
the   SRS   deployment    based   on
whether or not the seat belts are fas-
tened, and how severe the impact is.
The advanced SRS  offers the ability
to control  the air bag  inflation within
two levels.  A first stage  level is  pro-
vided for moderate-severity  impacts.
A second  stage level is  provided for
more severe impacts.
According to the impact severity, and
seat  belt  usage,   the  SRS  Control
Module  (SRSCM)   controls  the   air
bag inflation. Failure to properly wear
seat  belts  can increase  the  risk  or
severity of injury in an  accident.
Driver’s front air bag
Driver's knee air bag
Passenger’s front air bag
Your  vehicle   is   equipped   with   a
Advanced   Supplemental   Restraint
System (SRS) and lap/shoulder belts
at  both   the  driver  and   passenger
seating positions.
The SRS  consists of air bags  which
are located in the center of the steer-
ing wheel,  in the  driver's side  lower
crash pad  below the  steering wheel
column  and   the  passenger's   side
front panel pad above the glove box.
The air bags are labeled with the let-
ters “AIR BAG” embossed on the pad
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.