2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

What to do in an emergency
Use of compact spare tires
(if equipped)
Compact spare tires are designed for
emergency use  only. Drive  carefully
on   the   compact   spare   tire    and
always follow the safety precautions.
Your vehicle has metric threads
on the studs and lug nuts. Make
certain   during   tire   changing
that  the  same  nuts   that  were
removed  are reinstalled.  If  you
have  to  replace  your  lug  nuts
make   sure  they   have   metric
threads  to avoid  damaging the
studs  and ensure  the  wheel is
properly  secured   to  the   hub.
To  prevent  compact spare  tire
failure and  loss of control  pos-
sibly resulting in an accident:
Use  the   compact  spare  tire
only in an emergency.
NEVER  operate  your  vehicle
over 50 mph (80 km/h).
Do  not  exceed  the  vehicle’s
maximum  load  rating  or  the
load carrying  capacity shown
on  the  sidewall  of  the  com-
pact spare tire.
HYUNDAI dealer for assistance.
Do not use the compact spare
tire   continuously.  Repair   or
replace   the  original   tire   as
soon as possible to avoid fail-
ure of the compact spare tire.
If any  of the equipment  such as the
jack, lug nuts,  studs, or other  equip-
ment  is damaged  or in  poor  condi-
tion,  do  not attempt  to  change  the
tire and call for assistance.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.