2016 Hyundai Sonata Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Warning messages
i   Information
Do  not   apply   the  accelerator       •  A  clicking/whine    sound   may   be
heard  while  operating  or releasing
the EPB. These conditions are nor-
mal  and  indicate  that  the  EPB  is
functioning properly.
pedal while the  parking brake is
engaged.   If   you  depress    the
accelerator  pedal with  the  EPB
engaged,  a warning  will  sound
and a message will appear.
Whenever leaving  the vehicle
or parking,  always come  to a
complete  stop  and   continue
to  depress  the   brake  pedal.
Move the shift lever into the P
(Park) position, press the EPB
switch, and  press the  Engine
Start/Stop  button  to the  OFF
position. Take  the  Smart Key
with   you  when   exiting   the
Vehicles not  fully  engaged in
P   (Park)   with   the    parking
brake set  are at risk  for mov-
ing inadvertently and  causing
injury to yourself or others.
When   leaving   your  keys   with   a
parking lot attendant or valet, make
sure to inform him/her how to oper-
ate the EPB.
Damage  to   the  parking   brake
may occur.
•  Driving  with  the  parking  brake
on can overheat the braking sys-
tem  and cause  premature  wear
or damage  to brake parts. Make
sure the EPB is released and the
Parking  Brake Warning  Light is
off before driving.
NEVER  allow  anyone who  is
unfamiliar with  the vehicle  to
touch  the  EPB switch.  If  the
EPB is released unintentional-
ly, serious injury may occur.
Only  release  the   EPB  when
you   are   seated   inside   the
vehicle  with  your  foot  firmly
on the brake pedal.
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Charles Banks on Oct 06, 2018. Sonata Manual

Just what I was looking for as a brand new owner. Thanks.